OK.  Here is where Nan excels!  She has never met a chocolate (or a truffle) she didn’t like.


However, some are better than others, that’s why she buys from all over this country and from many different makers.  One company may make fabulous Toffee but not so great caramels.  We have done the legwork for you chocolate connosoirs and carry only the best.  Most everything we carry tastes just as good if not better than the high end chocolate stores and you don’t have to mortgage your home to buy a pound.  Listed below are just a sampling of what we carry.   Many more are in store.  We have such a large selection it’s hard to list it all here.

  • Creams- strawberry, chocolate, lemon, butter, maple, raspberry, orange, coconut, peppermint,
  • Nuts- white, milk and dark almond bark, Peanut  clusters, and cashew caramel clusters (YUM!)
  • Caramels- milk and dark, sea salt (another YUM!), marshmallow
  • Peanut Butter- chips, sticks (like a clark bar), marshmalloew, PB cups, Buckeyes
  • Miscellaneous- Orange and Raspberry Jells, Snowballs, Toffee (the BEST we are told by our regulars), cherries in milk or dark.

Truffles-We carry several lines for greater variety in size and tastes

  • Party Truffles-They are beautiful!), Sundae Bash, Mix It Up, Funfetti, Over The Top, Birthday Party, Showgirls, Big Wig, Party Hardy.DSC_0776x1
  • Truffles- Chocolate decadence, champagne, coconut, mint, peanut butter, cappucino, cherry cheescake, caramel, white, tiramisu,          toffee almond, cherries jubilee, rum, strawberry daquiri, mocha, fuzzy navel, vanilla, orange, amaretto, kalua and many more.

Made in house- Chocolate dipped pretzels, caranel chocolate dipped pretzels with or without pecans or peanuts, chocolate dipped grahams, orange slices, oreos, nutter butters, red licorice, marshmallows, chocolate caramel dipped rice crispy treats (yes THE ultimate decadent pleasure!)