DSC_0686x1Yes, we are the ones that carry the 21 colors of M&M’s.  Be sure to call us so we can set aside the colors you want.  They are a hot seller around her for parties, showers, weddings, graduation and company colors.  We try to keep all 21 colors in stock but you never know when someone is going to come in and wipe us out of 20 pounds of black and 20 pounds of gold, so best to call ahead and we’ll hold them for you.DSC_0674x1




FYI- Best sellers are red, gold, black, dark purple.  Hmm.  Must be something to do with some Iowa Universities!

White, Red, Gold, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Maroon, Cream, Gray, Black, Orange, Teal, Aqua. Light Purple, Dark Purple, Light Pink, Dark Pink and Brown.