About Nan

DSC_0809v1Nan grew up in a family where everything was always made from scratch.  One of her fondest memories was “helping” Mom in the kitchen when she was very little.  But only with the good stuff!  You know- the sweet stuff.  Forget cooking a chicken, it’s the sugar and flour and, of course,  chocolate that she really liked to work with.  As she grew up she was constantly experimenting.  Taking this recipe and that one and combining them, taking ingredients out and adding new ones in.  That was the fun part!  Seeing just how delicious she could make cookies or brownies, bars or cakes.  As an adult people kept telling her she should sell her creations.  Her Mom suggested she try the farmers market and BOOM!  That’s all it took.  She took 600 cookies to market that first Saturday.  Sold out in 3 hours.  Next week took 800.  Sold out again.  And so it went.  Every Saturday that summer she sold out of all her cookies, usually by 10:00.  People started asking where they could buy them when market was over.  She picked out her first location in Historic Valley Junction and the business just kept growing and growing.  With 2 moves (to bigger stores within the Junction) and 2 expansions, that brings her to 31 years of business.  Over the years her selection of goodies kept growing and she added bars, brownies, fudge, the biggest Dutch Letters you’ve ever seen and much more.  Nan still makes almost all of her creations from scratch- the BEST way to do it- to this day.

Through floods and street construction, moves and expansions, many of Nan’s customers have become loyal 31 year followers.  Once you taste the difference between homemade and the “other stuff” you’ll see why!