Kettle Korn

We only stock Millers Original Kettle Korn.  It’s the best of course!  Bruce Miller was one of the original vendors at the farmers markets.  His kettle korn is not too sweet or too well done, it’s just perfect.  We carry a $5 bag and a $3 bag.  Also Bruce hand makes his Kettle Korn into Popcorn Balls with M&M’s $1.50 and the most wonderful Caramel Corn you’ve ever tasted, a $2 and $4 bag. And if you can’t decide between Caramel and Kettle Korn, we mix up a bag of both so you can have double the pleasure $3.00 Bruce brings his kettle korn in several times a week so it’s always fresh and tasty. Just try not to eat the whole bag!