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Create Memories with Personalized Creations

Welcome to Nan's Nummies, your gateway to custom cake wonders that are truly one-of-a-kind. We're here to transform your celebrations into cherished memories with our handcrafted custom cakes.

At Nan's Nummies, we understand the power of a perfectly designed cake. Our artisans put their heart and soul into every masterpiece they create, ensuring that your custom cake becomes the centerpiece of your special occasion.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Imagine a cake that mirrors your dreams – that's what we excel at. Your custom cake journey starts with your vision, and we add our expertise to bring it to life. From elegant weddings to joyful birthdays, our custom cakes cater to every celebration and theme.

Choose from an array of flavors, fillings, and designs to personalize your cake down to the last crumb. The result? A custom cake that's not just a dessert, but a work of art that tells your story.

Quality Meets Creativity

Quality and creativity come together harmoniously in each custom cake we create. We use only the finest ingredients to bake our cakes, ensuring they taste as divine as they look. Our bakers then unleash their creativity, turning your ideas into reality with intricate designs and expert craftsmanship.

Whether you envision a classic tiered cake, a whimsical creation, or something entirely unique, Nan's Nummies is dedicated to crafting a custom cake that exceeds your expectations.

So, are you ready to embark on a culinary journey filled with custom cake delights? Let us bring your cake dreams to life – contact us today to start planning your extraordinary masterpiece. Make your celebration unforgettable with Nan's Nummies custom cakes that taste as wonderful as they look.


6" round - serves 8-12  $30+
8" round - serves 18-24  $45+
10" round - serves 36-48  $80+
12" round - serves 54-72  $115+

Tiered Cakes:
2-tier starting at  $100
3-tier starting at  $205

The above prices are base prices and do not include custom decorations, filings or flavors.
Please call or email for a custom quote.

Custom Work
Custom Work